Welcome Healthy Followers!

To kick off our inaugural blog post, we want to thank those loyal customers that have been with us over the years. From our Power Formula to our new CBD line, we have expanded our product line thanks to you. Our mission is not only to provide the highest quality herbal remedies available on the market, but to also educate you, the consumer. This blog will be just that - an educational platform to bring the latest information straight to you.

Since the Fall season is upon us, we will start focusing on our Immune Boosters line. Which one do you want to know more about first? Do you know that mullein has been around since prehistoric times? Or that the same antioxidant found in elderberries is also found in dark chocolate, apples, red cabbage and onions?

So join us on this journey where we will learn about these fascinating herbs and plants and what they can do for us!

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